Change your career pathway and maximise your income!

Almost everybody associates property developers with having a large income – and this is because in most cases, it’s true.

When working hard, you can certainly maximise your income with clever planning. Find out more.

But, what are the benefits of becoming a property developer?

The biggest is the profit you can make. Selling your property at the right time in the property market can see a huge return of investment.

Once you have experience in this sector, it is far easier to be approved for finance. You can approach banks or private lenders to remortgage your property. Typically, 80% or more of their retail value will be lent to you.

A way of completely cutting down the costs of the overall project is by doing most of the work yourself. If there are areas where you aren’t sure in, e.g. structural changes, always hire a professional. However, most simple tasks can be done yourself.

How should you finance your project?

There are many options when it comes to financing your property development. This includes going to banks or a private lender for a loan.

Going to a private lender instead of a bank will see much faster approvals. If you are looking for approval ASAP, we 100% recommend searching for a private lender that provides exactly this.

As well as this, a private lender can offer you customised lending terms, giving you the freedom to provide repayments at a time that suits you. This is normally within the first 12 months.

Here at FST Recruitment, we recommend Hunter Finance.

Hunter Finance lends their own money, meaning they provide better security for all their clients. They have been in the property development industry for a number of years and have helped towards over 200 projects. Visit Call them directly on 01825 749721.