The Best Health & Beauty Industry Opportunities

Interested in the medical or beauty profession to help people get better or feel confident? See a list of our job opportunities and apply for what’s suitable for you! Contact us for further information.

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Why not venture out of your comfort zone, gain qualifications and increase your chances of earning a great annual salary.

Permanent Makeup Courses, London

Natural Enhancement offer permanent makeup courses for beginners and advanced level individuals. They also offer upgrade and update courses that help technicians to further their skills and adapt to today’s trends. Click here.

This can help your business massively as you’ll be able to offer your clients a more extensive range of treatments, therefore giving you more chance of success.

Salary: £30,000

Permanent makeup treatments

Perfect Smile Studios, Hertfordshire

Perfect Smile use smart and suitable approaches to dentistry with an affordable cost. You too can become a part of a team and provide the same, amazing results as they do.

The orthodontic and teeth straightening sectors are looking for optimistic, hard-working and independent employees. Click here and see if this industry is suitable for you.

Salary: £45,000

Dentist in London

Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich

This hospital is a leading private hospital with the greatest range of technology of any independent hospital in the UK and an internationally recognised Centre of Excellence. Find out more about their job description.

This hospital provides the state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities for a wide range of medical and surgical conditions in a first class caring.

You also have the opportunity to liaise with other health care professionals, as well as gaining recognised equivalent qualifications in diagnostic radiography.

Salary: £35,000

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