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Looking for office-based jobs in London, Surrey, Hampshire, and many other regions of the South East? Whether you’re looking for your dream job or simply your next career step, you’ve come to the right place.  Contact us to start your application.

FST specialises in recruiting candidates in secretarial, administrative and many other office jobs including sales, customer services and account management.

We are always looking for candidates who wish to succeed and have the passion and desire to be the best.

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To date, we have successfully helped over 20000+ candidates find their dream job within the office personnel sector. With hundreds of permanent and temporary positions online everyday we’ll find the role that’s right for you.

Finding a job that you are interested in isn’t the hard part, actually going to the interview and assessing what the office environment is like, is the hard part.

When you are waiting in the reception area for the interviewer, use that time to survey the workplace as this will allow you to get a better sense of the company and will help you determine if it would be ideal for you.

Here are a few things to look out for:

Employee interaction

When employees are interacting with one another, do they seem friendly and supportive, or rude and disrespectful? This observation is critical as the level of energy you feel within that workplace will really tell you if you would enjoy your time here as an employee.

Security levels

Would you feel safe working in this environment? Do you feel protected when you are in the building? These are just a few of the questions to ask you when attending. An employer’s main priority is to ensure that all staff are safe and protected.

Things to look out for include access systems, such as a key fob entrance, visible CCTV, security guard and fire safety doors. If you spot these, it is an evident sign that your employer cares about the risks involved and that they have done everything possible to protect their employees.

Health and safety

Does the office area look like it complies with current health and safety regulations? Some parts may be difficult to tell, however look for the obvious ones such as having many cables lying around on the floor and over desks.

Cables that aren’t properly secured away create a serious trip hazard and can also slow down work productivity as network speed may be affected. Visit this page to see how an office should look.

Many offices do consider under desk cable management services, which are extremely beneficial towards to overall efficiency in the office.

Other things to consider is how tidy the office is. Is there any clutter around, how do the kitchen and bathroom facilities look? Having a clean office environment is essential and this shows that the cleanliness of the office is a top priority. Find out about office cleaners here.

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